I believe that everyone has a life mission, a path to follow !A reason to live a life experience. Why we are here…

For me the vision of standing in a plastic bath all those years ago was not just a random vision ,thought, idea, but a gentle message to be stored away until the time was universally right, devine timing if you wish.

 I have decided to follow the compass of my heart no matter how difficult it seemed at times or how bazaar.Last week  in the bathroom mirror not feeling so spiritual i looked into my eyes and said to myself heart were are you taking me? The inner voice said (no where you dont want to go ) feb 2010.

This journey was I believe to find this child in a remote jungle village and connect with her. This is my life’s path, my destiny, and certainly my passion to help the children of the river.Take a look at the picture its only a plastic bath !!! but i believe it will become a icon in time.Not my idea cant take the credit for the bath only what i have done with it and its future challenges to = sail,power para glide,walk,clime, three left to do..

I I I am blessed with strength beyond men half my age and a stubborness and focus that is a blessing and a curse, smiles..

So why not !!