Where's It Going


With the support of family, friends, and complete web solutions.

With Media and a host of people who continue to connect I plan to build a small hospital with 12 beds and a assessment centre.

This centre will have visitors accommdation,staff,volunteers etc.office and surgery, cook house, a twenty two acre plot on the river edge,four hour journey from Iquitos.

Naturally nothing comes cheap ( money makes the world go round)

Staff will be all local with a full time nurse on site, security etc

Initially a doctor visiting us twice per week and when fully operational on a full time basic ,

All building ,huts etc made from local materals,are inexpensive and plenty of material available, electrical supply via generator, and solar panels.

With no planning permission required its basically purchase of this land, build and selection of staff,

Sounds easy !! There is a lot of work to do and much luck required.Indeed and blessings

Clearing the jungle, legal issues ref sale of site will take three to six months including building work.

Priority is the continue support ,media coverage awareness.

This web site is the nerve centre and a ways and means to get the story out there, The children aren’t starving with fish in plenty supply from the river. But there is a desperate need for medical help, treatment etc the children’s family’s live on a few dollars per week at best. Costs of medication, medical tests, travel to the city of Iquitos is out of reach for 99% of the families.

A empty jam jar is a prized procession.!

Cotar sees itself as a ongoing medical centre in the rain forest Peru. Working the river and looking after the kids who need medical help.

Final phase of this web site will be when we have registered a charity status for Cotar.

All very well building this centre but it will need continued funding to allow us to help where and when its needed.

This web site and the information on it will allow people from around the world to connect, look and become a part of a Childs life ,until such time that the treatment is completed.

Information updates will be on a day by day basis.

Those who want to help a individual child will be able to view and monitor the progress, this may be that the child will need a stay in hospital Iquitos or Lima hospital .naturally we hope that the majority of work will be local and not beyond our financial resources.

This web site in its final phase will have pictures of the children who have come to us, video coverage,storys as and when they happen, a travel blog,

A true interactive web site, there will be profile and picture of the child and what we can do to help ,We as in not just cotar but those who take the time to help and contact me.

Each person who feels a connection with a child basically just click mouse on a picture view profile and make a once off payment of one of the three categories.

  1. Family friend of the child, $15.00
  2. family member………….. $25.00
  3. A elder of the child             $50.00

Those who select a Elder title will have direct contact with me at all times via my satellite phone. And voting rights! for example if we collect more than required to cover costs with a child the elders who joined that Childs circle will be sent the options open to us, do we give the balance to the family, or to the village, move the donation to another circle where a child isn’t getting the support and has more expensive treatment.Or help to cover operation costs.

Or indeed pass on to one of the local charities in Iquitos,

 caritas, red cross, People of Peru.etc.

A simple vote will decide which option we take and majority vote is final. The elders will be given each others email and this allows for vital net working and exposure for the project. Naturally a option to remain anomalous is not a problem.

With most good causes the thought in the mind is just where is my hard earned money going to, will it reach the person the situation, what is the outcome, progress..

We offer total transparent,accountability, actions will follow words. If not you will know and the reasons why ! Naturally there is no perfect system and at times we may get it wrong, when this happens it will be on the web site.

Ahh I use (we) not (I) naturally the buck stops with me,

All I can promise is my best.

There will be when operational a option to send me a kick poke or a hug poke. This will be open to all to view.

If your not happy or indeed happy all who join can let me know.

With all projects especially one of this nature its vital that you have the right people around you, those who connect and come from the heart. As I write these words I have a circle of people coming together, it slow work and I only can pray that this will come to pass.

Now if you move to the page that says how it came to pass a truly mad story.