Past promotion river challenge Peru/Dublin

Having just completed a successful raft race on the Amazon river with a team my friend Ann-Marie from Dublin and myself and two friends living in Peru, Bowie and Roy…
This is a regular challenge every year and perhaps one of the hardest physical challenges on water.
112 miles of rowing ,three days of punishment.
Why do we do it ? (publicity )there are many rafts from around the world competing, this race is a wonderful way to challenge oneself to push beyond the conform zone and raise awareness for the children project.
This is my second year to compete, and I am working on promotion here in Ireland to recruit more people next year, I hope that each team member will fund raise the $2400 to cover costs of this adventure,
And any moneys collected beyond this will be donated to the project. This is a excellent opportunity to spread the word of this web site and our work.
We take care of all the arrangements and this entry fee will cover international flights, internal flights, raft entry fees which pay for navy escort, reference security, food on raft race, and sleeping quarters.
Please note it doesn’t include (beer)smiles.
The picture is the start of the race September 09.
Sponsored by complete web solutions Ireland.
The people behind this wonderful web site.
All looking very fresh. The raft we make ourselves on site and see Mike from Iquitos times news paper for more details ,this gentle man is the founder of this race .
Do you have what it takes?? get back to me if your interested. Email or for other people reading this  from different parts of the world please contact the President of the raft race and the only woman to complete three raft challenges gringo Linda at ( a woman after my own heart.Geting old whats that ? there are only 60 places this year 30 rafts for visitors ref safety get moving if interested.Linda is also on face book any search will pick up the Amazon raft race details.
My own back ground is sailing and I have last year in July set a new world record for sailing in a 14 open boat here in Ireland. Two days and nights non stop solo.
This beat the record by 24 hours. Again a way and means to promote this web site. Please see
For story indeed just type in Google search engine my name ( Robert Dowling sail ) and you have all the details.
This year I have been challenged to a one to one non stop sail against a young sailor who believes he can beat my record. This will happen in may 7th weekend in malahide estuary Dublin.
I  will probably stay out there against this young puppy for three days and nights, he is 30 odd years younger, very fit and with more sailing experience then myself.
Naturally Dewey as he is known will help fund raise for Jazmin and the project so what ever the final outcome the children will benefit.( Young vs the old) should get good media coverage. The second picture said it all Dewey at the marathon finish I could hardly stand let alone walk.july 7th 2009.

My Boat the huntress


                                                                       Finish Line.
So you see we make publicity! Without the support of fingal sailing school malahide the above event would have been impossible. They will this year again provide rescue cover for this second event in may, A big thank you to my fellow sailors and for your friendship and continued help .
From water challenges to Air challenges,
I am looking at the logistics of finally getting my bath back home to Ireland and the exposure on the late late show here in Dublin. A long running television chat show very respected in Ireland.
I have searched twice for my missing bath and am getting closer now it’s a matter of finances and lady luck.
Story in (how it started section )
When and I say when I get my bath back I hope to complete its original planned journey down river to the coast . Then I can finally put it to rest the project.(Amazon river that is )
I did say air adventure didn’t I !!
As I cant sail it down river reference the authorities in Brazil so I plan to use a PPG powered paraglide,
The bath will be fixed onto the frame and with a support boat holding supplys,replacement parts, camping equipment etc the challenge will weather permitting be six to eight weeks. A worlds first the flying bath !!
I have parachuting experience, but I do know this is different and will require training etc.
A plan is coming together and the projected publicity for the challenge will be well worth the efford.the risk, the cost,
Naturally I am looking for corporate sponsors on this amazing project.
This web site in order to grow and generate the support world wide will only do so with publicity. People connecting and yes some mad adventures.
I have personally invested all my own money to date in all I have done.$35000 generated from the sale of my home I am not wealthy, Indeed quite the opposite..
I have a book written on all that has happened to date and hopefully with the finished journey of the bath and the cotar centre completed I can finally write the last chapter of the book ,another platform for exposure !!
As you see the garden of seeds require special attention,,,,