Sheila reaches the snows of Kilimanjaro !

Sheila reaches the snows of Kilimanjaro !

Finally my epic challenge is over ! Five days with sheila my bathtub on my back for 48 k walk ,weighing 45kg.There was many moments of intense pain and doubt.

my team of porters gave me a name ( the Lion ) i can assure you it was well earned,never before has anyone seen such a feat on kilimanjaro ,it took me to the brink of death and pain.

I am now recovering some in moshi town in sight of this beautiful mountain she has my respect and blood.

sheila my bath will stay here Africa two months to give me time to raise some funds for the next challenge the 4000 sq miles 3 month solo desert walk with sheila in a two wheel cart.I depart for home soon and look forward to connecting with everyone.

Big thank you to all my team here in tanzania ,sandra and frank at tampa tanga lodge and the many friends i made.

As for Sheila the person she inspired me to continue to the top ! for this I am greatful to knowing her and wish her much love.

the dubinatub...rob

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