Peru trip 6th March 2015.

Peru trip 6th March 2015.

After five years of pain and loss of those i love,including my son Mark who died on new year day 2013.Finally I feel ready ,my book is finished and I leave Ireland in three weeks time for Peru/Columbia.

I have allowed 2 to 6 months to search and secure my missing Bathtub.I have finance in place for the following two challenges.

(1) kilimangiro reach the summit 24 miles clime with the bath on my back in a harness.Naturally with a team of porters and guide.This will be a month duration all going well.The route to the top is Rongi north face of the mountain.

(2) Boliver South America.The white desert of Uyuni flats.I will be the first person to circumnavigate on foot. The bath will be on a special four wheeled cart,pulled by a body harness. I plan to self shoot a video of these challenges.Also a inreach GPS map point will be on this web site to allow family /friends/ex girlfriends / isnt that right Mary ! to see my progress.

On a very positive note i wish to say hello to my granddaughter ( Leia ) who came into this beautiful world last week.It will be tough to leave ! however i am a man on a mission.

Follow me live with my GPS tracker which is on me at all times!

The Dubinatub.Ireland:)

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