Found my missing bathtub

Found my missing bathtub

A miracle for sure after 8 years and three searches in Columbia and Brazil finally i have my bath back in my procession,I leave here in a few days for Peru minus a full money belt ! I had planned to stay for 6 months if needed however there was a higher power at work here and may it long last ,I am in awe of the wonder of it all.

The bathtub was buried in a floor very badly damaged however she has received a face lift and is looking sexy again ! I look forward to introducing her to my family and friends when i get home.She is no cheap date and will fly her back to Ireland first class cargo !!

This was my last throw of the dice and it worked out ,I am now in a position to head for Africa in June for the Kilomangiro challenge.My friend Bim in donadate has designed a harness for the bath and she will be fitted out for the honeymoon period on the mountain ! On a serious note the challenge of 24 miles to the summit will i feel take me to the edge with all that weight on my back.i dont feel ready however a inner feeling is I will reach the top however long it may take.

Many thanks to all those who connect with the bath and words of support which was a blessing during the darker moments.


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